The Hora harmonic synthsizer is a Free windows VST of a synth voice that offer the same VCO than the Hora music pure VCO (VCV module) and the "timbre VCF".

This doesn't sound like other analog synth emulation. It isn't made to recreate classic analog sounds such has funky bass, brassy synth, classic strings...
It sounds better for metallic and flutey sounds, nice FX, and then can be used for sound designing purposes or for unusaual melodic and musical sounds. 

Harmonic synthesizer main features include:

- 2 complex VCOs based on triangle and sine core that can be folded in a particular way to give more  harmonics. The folding and the core shape and the pitch can be modulated by an envelope and/or an LFO.

- 2 LFOs that can mutually modulated their rate and offer 4 waveforms (saw, sine, square, triangle).

- 2 ADSR Envelope generators,
one for the VCA and one for the VCO et VCF parameters.

- A multimode VCF:
The light version of the plugin use a "classic" and usual VCF algorythm, the normal version used the timbre VCF algorythm wich sound closer to real analog VCF but used more CPU.

This is the version 0.9. some improvements could come with a next version (1.0) but this is an unofficial release, three isn't any plan about additionnal features or product promoting.