The Process plugin is about sound effects-processing.
Actualy it includes a delay, an envelope follower and a spectral processor inspired by the bucchla 296e.
The spectral processor is a 16 channel bandpass filter, it can function as a real time performance filter, a programmable compound equalizer and even as a spectrum transferring vocoder.
It shares the same particular interface than the bucchla 296e and offers the same function such as Xfer or voltage controlled A-B morphing.
It also offers two delay modules, one "classic digital delay" and flux which is a Bucket Brigade Delay.
And two oberdrive module based on different models, "Vaccumba" gives more drive but "schemes" offers a more accurate modeling of the vacuum.

The free version offers the envelope follower, vaccumba, flux and the classic delay module

Here is a nice tutorial video about the spectral rpocessor made by Omri Cohen.
He explains the main features of this pretty complex module: even and odd sound paths, morphing, envelope followers, Xfer,... 

Since the module can seems very complex to some users, here are some explained patch ideas from Omri Cohen.