This plugin is designed to sequence the analog drums modules but can be used to trig any other drum module, envelopes, sampler module,...

The  design of the drum sequencer is inspired by the TRX0X and modular drum sequencers that offer many particular features such as :
-fast editing features (copy pattern, paste pattern, clear pattern and clear instruments),
-CV controllable pattern and fill selection,
-Fill triggering input (gate or trig),
-Tap input and tap button for real time recording/writing.
-32 step encoders (and leds)  that make long sequences writing easier.
-Seperate stop- start-reset inputs for easy synchronization (example given in the user manual)
-A synchronised cv sequencer (single sequence independent from drum patterns) useful to modulate the drum modules CV inputs.

The drum song arranger allows to write a sequence of drum patterns (that can be called pattern chain). This sequence is made of 8 steps but each step can be repeat 1 to 4 times (then can repeat 1 to 4 time the drum pattern). For each of this step (of the drum arranger) you can trig a specific fill on a specific step (of the drum sequencer).
In order to be synchronised with the drum sequencer we need to receive the last step ouput of this and the external clock it is synchronised on.
To create very long "songs" it is possible to chain many drum song arrangers. That said, this module is a bit unusual, look at the owner manual before unsing it is very recomended, especilly for this feature.

Plugin content:
- A dual frequency divider (2, 4, 8 and 2, 3, 4)
- An advanced and very comprehensive drum sequencer.
- A chainable song arranger that allows to chain the drum patterns.

Notice that between the first version (0.4) and V0.5 the colors have changed because of the Roland guidelines about their intelectual properties about the TR808.



The free moule of this plugin is included in the "TreasureFree" plugins and offers the frequency divider.