Hora is pretty excited to introduced this coming (in a few day) plugin that emulate the sounds and features of the classic PCM (sample based) Drum machines of the 80's.

All has been done to give a similar sound and offers the usual 80's drum machines features (tune, accent).
This said the modules allows to create very original sounds far from classic 80's drums by using the reverse features, the cv control of the drum's tune and the choke on other instrument than hi hat.


The samples are carefully selected 8 bit PCM files that can be read with or witheout interpolation (LoFi mode).  It contains 9 modules (25 samples on each so 225 samples) that covering The sounds of:

   - Linndrum,
   - Oberheim DMX,
   - Roland TR707,
  - Roland TR626,
  - Yamaha RX5,
  - Hammond Sakata,
  - Emu drumulator
  - Korg DDD1.

    And samples from other machines to complete the set of 25 samples of the modules:

  - Roland TR909,
  - Yamaha Rx21,
  - MXR-185,
  - Sequenctial TOM
  - Korg PSS 50

The Module doesn't only read a sample on trig event, to give same features than PCM drum machine, the modules offer Tune (CV or knob), accent input (and level of this), choke input (generally used to cut the the open hihat when a closed one is playing) and a reverse input that allows to read the sample backwards.

Note: The Free version of this plugin offers the "LDrum" module (that cover the linndrum sounds).