Even if creating drum sounds from usual modules (VCOs, VCFs, VCAs, envelope) is possible, this can quickly use a lot of modules.
Just to give an example, to reproduce sounds similar to the Hora Music hi hat module you would need at least  6 oscillators, a noise generator, 4 envelopes, two VCAs, two VCfs, three mixers and some knowledges about analog hi hat architeture.

This plugins offer analog drum modules that make easy to create a complete analog drum kit. The white modules are made with the VCV dsp and the black modules are made with the vult DSP.

This modules are based on knowledges concerning real hardware analog drums.
Special attention was given about details that make it sound authentic and give a dynamic sound  witheout annoying/unmusical sound's ticks/clicks.
Their architectures are very similar to the famous 808 and eurorack clone modules, then it can sounds pretty closed to it. But the additional features allows to make these sound more like other analog drum machines or strange FX sounds generators.

They all offer accent input, a wide range of parameters and CV inputs to control many of these.
The included modules are:

- Bass drum
- Snare drum
- Hand clap and maracas
- Toms and congas
- Rimshot-clave-softbell
- Hi hat (closed and opened)
- Cymbal and cowbell

Notice that between the first version (0.4) and V0.5 the colors have changed because of the Roland guidelines about their intelectual properties about the TR808.



The free modules of this plugin are avalailable in the treasure free plugin, it offers hi hat, snare drum and rim shot. Download Treasure Free